Organizational Structure

Laboratory Management Department

The work function:

1 Making the overall construction plan of the laboratory

2 Make the rules and regulations of the laboratory, the standardized management of the laboratory

3 To meet all kinds of evaluation, promoting the open construction of the laboratory

4 To do the construction and management of the experiment technology team with the personnel division (including personnel, training, assessment, evaluation and other work)

5 Infrastructure and environmental transformation of the laboratory (including atmosphere, water, noise, radiation dose monitoring, investigation of pollution sources of the laboratory, and puts forward suggestions on Management)

6 Safety management of the laboratory            

7 Daily management and implementation of the construction project of the laboratory

8 Summary statistics, report the laboratory data report to the Ministry of education and all levels of the administrative departments


Equipment Management Department

The work function:

1 The audit and management of the scattered domestic procurement

2 Organize the equipment inspection and after sale service of scattered procurement

3 Be responsible for the approval and duty-free application of import equipment of the teaching, scientific research (including overseas gift)

4 Be responsible for customs declaration, commodity inspection, acceptance, delivery, repair procedures and later claim supervision of import equipment

5 Management of operating expenses and construction funds of the laboratory, audit of major equipment procurement plan

6 Be responsible for accounts registration, regular and financial reconciliation of equipment fixed assets

7 Be responsible for Information statistics and inventory of equipment fixed assets

8 Be responsible for management of equipment fixed assets (reported loss, scrap, transfer, lend, donation etc.)

9 Summary ledger report of equipment fixed assets related with ministry of education and other departments at higher levels

10 Control and management of monitoring and measuring equipment for the internal quality system with the military office


Platform of Large-scale Equipment

The work function:

1 Making the management rules of large-scale equipment

2 Planning the layout of large-scale equipment sharing platform

3 The organization of large equipment planning and procurement

4 To establish a large instrument records, archives and information database

5 Auditing the repair fund and test fund of large instrument

6 Check the use of large equipment and benefit assessment

7 Organize the research of bidding project, and formulate the documents of tender

8 Construction and management of large instrument platform information, open sharing network

9 organize the negotiation of single source equipment and imported instruments procurement

10 Summary the report of large-scale equipment

11 Organize the check before acceptance of large-scale equipment

12 Allocation management of large instrument


General Office

The work function:

1 Be responsible for all the daily administrative management, personnel management, file management, propaganda work

2 To assist the department leader to organize and coordinate the work of departments

3 The seal and various funds management

4 Receiving visitors and dealing with emergency events

5 Arrange activities and distribution goods for retired personnel

6 Issue and report the various reports of the higher departments

7 Be responsible for all the information construction and management

8 Complete other tasks assigned by department leader


 Chemicals and Equipment Service Center

The work function:

1 In charge of the daily management of radioactive isotope

2 Be responsible for dose monitoring and safety protection of specific work with radioactive isotope, the source device and X-ray apparatus

3 Be responsible for the conventional safety work of special equipment (such as a pressure vessel, the hoisting machinery and so on) 

4 The management of toxic chemicals, precursor chemicals, general chemicals

5 Recycling scrap apparatus, equipment

6 Supply all kinds of expendable equipment

7 Daily management and open operation for experimental animal center

8 Be responsible for recycling work of hazardous chemical waste and waste of experimental animal center