Equipment Management Department

The work function:

1 The audit and management of the scattered domestic procurement

2 Organize the equipment inspection and after sale service of scattered procurement

3 Be responsible for the approval and duty-free application of import equipment of the teaching, scientific research (including overseas gift)

4 Be responsible for customs declaration, commodity inspection, acceptance, delivery, repair procedures and later claim supervision of import equipment

5 Management of operating expenses and construction funds of the laboratory, audit of major equipment procurement plan

6 Be responsible for accounts registration, regular and financial reconciliation of equipment fixed assets

7 Be responsible for Information statistics and inventory of equipment fixed assets

8 Be responsible for management of equipment fixed assets (reported loss, scrap, transfer, lend, donation etc.)

9 Summary ledger report of equipment fixed assets related with ministry of education and other departments at higher levels

10 Control and management of monitoring and measuring equipment for the internal quality system with the military office